2016 / 02 Kick-OFF

2016 / 02 Kick-OFF

A well – informed person is a strong person. As our management relies on openness and transparency, we also follow in 2016 the annual tradition to organize a Kick-Off. During this event will be looked back on the past year and the plans and development direction are presented for the coming year. Finally is presented how the current processes are optimized and which new processes are implemented.


The event was a real success, because the colleagues demonstrated initiative, actively participated in discussions and have introduced new ideas. Everybody appreciate this event as the team will be heard again. Much of this is also implemented during the year. Everyone is pleased that his or her opinion is taken seriously.

We believe that an employee is not only a “personal number” but our responsibility extends beyond those of the individual employee and also includes his or her family.

The Kick-Off 2016 took place at the Ramada Hotel

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