2014 Summer party Balea – Glacial Lake

2014 Summer party Balea - Glacial Lake

How did the adventure Summer celebration ProIT 2014 begin? At the same time with the Summer celebration 2014 was the Balea glacial lake one of our goals this time. Together with our families, children, largely and small, we gathered this summer to enjoy a nice hiking-day in the mountains. The highlight was the rise to the summit of the “Vanatoara lui Buteanu“ in 2.507 meters height.

noutati-balea-lac-partyWe drove with a bus to the “Balea Lake”, a glacial cirques at 2.034 meters above sea level. From there we started a challenging, steep, one-hour climb over hedge and the “Alpinists monument”.

The weather has played very well and we found in the “Balea Lake” cottage hideaway where we took a well-deserved lunch.

Exhausted but very happy we went home and our families.

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